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Reference and Education/Help Desk/Ask a Librarian   (305) 243-6648 Reynolds, John Reference and Education Librarian
Physical Therapy, Systematic Reviews
(305) 243-5439

Library Administration   (305) 243-6424 Bartley, Kelsa Manager, Reference & Education Services
Consumer Health , Free Authoritative Health Websites, Medical Mobile Apps, Online Tutorials, Scholarly Communications and Open Access
(305) 243-5530 Nemeth, Zsuzsanna Reference Librarian and Research Liaison
RefWorks, Researchers, Residents, Scopus, Systematic Review Service, Systematic Reviews, Writing a Scientific Paper
(305) 243-9505 Bou-Crick, Carmen Head, Reference and Education
Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology, Clinicians, Drug Information, Nursing, Personal Librarian Program, Systematic Reviews, uSearch Help Manual
(305) 243-1967 Goolabsingh, David Associate Director (305) 2435440 Hemmat, Shidan Manager, Digital Collections (305) 243-6424 Loper, Kimberly Deputy Director (305) 243-6424 Paulaitis, Gediminas (Geddy) Associate Director (305) 243-6442