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Personal Librarian Program at UMMSM

The Personal Librarian Program (PLP) has been created by professional Medical Librarians at the Louis Calder Memorial Library as a way to reach out to students on the medical campus.  The program matches students with a librarian as they enroll in medical school.  Assignments are made according to the Academic Societies to which students are assigned as they are accepted in any of the medical school programs (MD or MD/MPH).  Personal Librarians will serve as a point of contact for the library.

Your Personal Librarian will provide you with the following information throughout your stay at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine:

New resources and/or services in the Library:

  •    New acquisitions (databases, book collections, etc.)
  •    Special Library hours during exams and holidays
  •    New study areas, facilities, or services

Answer questions about Library services, policies, and procedures and other Library-related information:

  •    Circulation (checking out a book, downloading e-Books, Reserve Collection, etc.)
  •    Document Delivery (finding e-journals, ordering articles through Interlibrary Loans, etc.)
  •    Remote Access instructions
  •    Mobile access to resources/creating personal accounts in databases, etc.

Assistance finding information for research projects:

  •    Articulating good research and/or clinical queries
  •    Identifying the best databases to search
  •    Using citation managers (EndNote, RefWorks, and/or Mendeley)
  •    Finding additional resources

Personal Librarians will not:

  •    Make copies of articles for students
  •    Perform literature searches that have been assigned to students
  •    Do students' assignments for them


Meet your Personal Librarians:  

Personal Librarian Name       Email/Text Messages        Telephone
Carmen Bou-Crick 305-243-1967
Zsuzsanna Nemeth 305-243-9505
John Reazer 305-243-3999
Erica Powell (Alternate) 305-243-6931


Academic Societies and Personal Librarians:

Academic Society        Personal Librarian         
Adler-Everitt  Carmen Bou-Crick
Asclepius Carmen Bou-Crick
Blackwell Carmen Bou-Crick
Courvoisier Carmen Bou-Crick
Cushing John Reazer
Harvey Zsuzsanna Nemeth
Hunter John Reazer
Imhotep John Reazer
Laennec John Reazer
Roentgen Zsuzsanna Nemeth
Schweitzer Zsuzsanna Nemeth
Virchow Zsuzsanna Nemeth

Alternate Personal Librarian:

Ms. Erica Powell will be available when the Personal Librarian assigned cannot assist students.

Relevant Links to Find Information:

Relevant Resources for Medical Students

Guide for Medical Students

This guide provides multiple links to resources that are useful for medical students. The LibGuide was created by Barbara Wood.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine is the practice of integrating clinical expertise, the highest quality research available, and patient values to make the best decisions for patient care. This resource guide was originally created by Barbara Wood and is currently being updated by Carmen Bou-Crick.

Online Tutorials

This guide provides easy access to tutorials for the most popular databases and software applications available to our patrons.

Personal Librarians at UMMSM



Carmen Bou-Crick, MSLS, AHIP

Academic Societies:  Adler-Everitt, Asclepius, Blackwell, Courvoisier

Contact information:  Telephone 305-243-1967


Address:  Calder Medical Library, Room 1012

1601 NW 10th Ave., Miami, FL 33136




Zsuzsanna Nemeth, MLS

Academic Societies:  Harvey, Roentgen, Schweitzer, Virchow

Contact Information:  Telephone:  305-243-9505


Address:  Calder Medical Library, Room 1021-C

1601 NW 10th Ave., Miami, FL 33136



John Reazer, MSLIS

Academic Societies:  Cushing, Hunter, Imhotep, Laennec

Contact Information:  Telephone:  305-243-3999


Address:  Calder Medical Library, Room 1035

1601 NW 10th Ave., Miami, FL 33136




Erica Powell, MLIS

Alternate Personal Librarian

Telephone:  305-243-6931