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1 Hello. I was wondering if we might be able to make a push to have the library open earlier on weekends. 10AM is very late for a weekend, and many students prefer to study in the early morning when they are most productive. We would not need to have a librarian, we could just require badge access as normal. I think this would please many students. Could this potentially be something we could do?
Comment on Thu Feb 6, 2020, 9:37 am After receiving your suggestion about earlier library opening times on weekends, Calder admin reviewed the weekend gate count and agreed that you might be on to something--the 10-11:00am weekend entries into the library were higher than expected. 
As you noted, the earlier opening hours would not need to be staffed by library personnel, but the library still must fund the cost of additional hours for the security guard, whose salary is the library’s budgetary responsibility.  Since there are only four months remaining in the current fiscal year, we cannot change weekend opening hours at this time but we will certainly consider it for the next fiscal and academic year.  Thank you for this suggestion.

Answered by Executive Director, JoAnn Van Schaik

2 are we going to subscribe as a library to the new health innovation branch of NEJM? thx
Comment on Fri Jan 31, 2020, 12:37 pm Calder Library explored adding the new journal, NEJM Catalyst Innovations in Care Delivery, for 2020 but the price was very high, especially for a new journal.  A  state-wide e-resource purchasing consortium of which Calder is a member also tried to negotiate pricing with the publisher but was unsuccessful.  Calder administration then decided to wait for inquiries and requests from UM faculty, students, and staff.  Yours is the first. The Library will keep this title on its “wish list” and once we know how the current fiscal year ends in May, we will revisit adding this subscription to the Library’s e-journal collections.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Answered by Executive Director, JoAnn Van Schaik