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1 UWorld has recently discontinued the version of their software currently installed on Calder's computers. If IT could install the latest version from, that would be very appreciated.
Comment from on Jun 13 2018,
Thanks for the update and we do apologize for the inconvenience. We have reported the problem to our Desktop Support department and have asked if they can get issue resolve as soon as possible.  


Answered by David Goolabsingh, Associate Director

2 On the days when people have meeting at the little front desk on the first floor, the people working there get VERY LOUD. Today, there were two meetings going on and they could be heard all the way up on the 2nd floor. If they cannot be moved to another location, then could someone please tell them to keep the noise down. Thank you.
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 28 2018 morning,

Thank you for your comment.  We are in the process of finding an alternate location for these consulatations.  In the interim, we have reminded people to keep their speaking voices lowered.

Answered by Kimberly Loper, Deputy Director

3 Can we please get more USB-C phone and laptop chargers? USB-C is the new industry standard for all phones and there is only 1 available for check out. Thank you
Comment from Anonymous on Feb 13 2018 afternoon,

Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion.  The Library currently has 3 USB-C chargers.  We are in the process of ordering 7 so that Library Services will have 10 to check out for our patrons.


Answered by Kimberly Loper, Deputy Director

4 Hi! This is Darius Chyou, MS-1 Class President (once again). I was wondering if it would be possible to get one or two microwaves installed somewhere in the library. Several of our classmates have made this request, and it would be much more convenient not to have to walk over to RSMB to microwave lunch. Understandably, microwaves can get noisy, but I was wondering if there might still be a good place to put this, or look into buying a microwave that didn't beep or make much noise. Thanks!
Comment from on Feb 05 2018 Darius,
There is a notice on the scrolling monitor in the Library’s lobby stating that microwave ovens are available outside at the Bascom Palmer entrance across from the Copper Spoon café.  The Library’s space is limited and in addition to the noise of a microwave oven, cleaning up crumbs and spilled food which accumulate around microwave ovens, and dealing with insects which are attracted to the food, are other areas of concern to Library personnel. 

Answered by JoAnn Van Schaik, Executive Director

5 The new "Request a book on uSearch" to pick up at Calder Library is FANTASTIC! Thanks for instituting this helpful new service!
Comment from on Jan 25 2018 Dr. Roper,
Thank you for taking the time to write a positive comment about the new UM libraries’ courier service.  I find it a great convenience myself.  In partnership with Richter and RSMAS Libraries, Calder could finally institute the service on the Medical Campus after all the pieces of the new integrated library system came together.  Enjoy!
JoAnn Van Schaik

Answered by JoAnn Van Schaik, Executive Director